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AN Consulting - Novembro 2017


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Artigo de Rosemarie Monaco

Canon Solutions America, ESS and Rosemarie Monaco present seven steps to transition from printer to marketing partner

Excelente artigo mostrando 7 etapas para transformação do negócio. 


Reinvention used to be a means to rejuvenate a company. Today, it’s business as usual. Companies across every industry are constantly redefining who they are and how they can best serve their clients. Media companies, for example, constantly reshape their offerings based on which device their viewers prefer.

Graphic arts companies are hardly strangers to reinvention. Remember when typographers became service bureaus and prepress shops became printers, all of which evolved into print service providers? The difference, though, between high-tech industries and the printing industry has been the rate at which changes occurred. Yet today, business for every company regardless of its industry has to evolve at the rate of technology. Those who don’t adapt will get left behind.

The concept of reinvention (O conceito da Reinvenção)

Reinvention is as much about how clients perceive you as it is about what you offer. Nowadays, most print service providers (PSP) offer clients much more than print. In addition to the full gamut of print from personalized direct mail to building wraps, many offer the means to multi-channel marketing. But if their clients see them as “the printer” rather than a marketing partner, they get stuck at “versatile” and never reach the coveted position of “indispensable.” So what’s a PSP to do? Follow these seven steps and reinvent your business.